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Election Day

Make A Plan To Vote

In order to make sure that our representatives actually represent us, we must hold them accountable during elections. With more progressives running than ever, we want to make sure our communities vote and that their votes count! Make sure you are prepared for this year's Democratic Primary on June 6, 2023 by taking these steps below. 



Register to Vote

You don't want to show up on election day to find out you are not registered to vote. Make sure you are registered as a Democrat by May 16, 2023 to participating in the 2023 Democratic Primary. 


Prepare To Vote

Find your polling location, secure drop box, transportation method, babysitter and anything else you need in advance to help ensure your ability to vote. 

Middlesex County Ballot Drop Box.jpeg
Vote Boxes


Choose How To Vote

Whether you vote by mail by requesting a mail-in ballot by May 30, 2023, or vote in person June 2-4 during early voting or on Election Day, June 6th, make sure your voice is heard.


Make Sure Your Vote Counts

Tens of thousands of votes are rejected every election. Ballots can be rejected for a number of reasons, the most prevalent being a missing or non-matching signature. If it was determined that your signature does not match the signature in your voting record, your county Board of Elections will provide you an opportunity to certify that you did, in fact, cast that ballot.

Election Campaign Stickers
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