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Union County Committee - Elizabeth Ward 3 District 6

Union County Committee - Elizabeth Ward 3 District 6

Union County Committee - Elizabeth Ward 3 District 6

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Michael Griffin

Office Sought: State Senate

District: Legislative District 31

 Michael has helped steer community organizations in directions that help ensure the community will be the beneficiary in the end. Advocating for vibrant urban communities, more green space, lively shopping districts, walkable and safe streets, as well as quality, reasonably priced housing has led to Michael Griffin's becoming.

While battling aggressive speculation, Michael made sure that the city of Jersey City could be held accountable when it came to protecting the residents of Jersey City, especially Ward F. 

Michael Griffin successfully partnered with the city of Jersey City, the NAACP’s Jersey City Chapter, and members of Jersey City Together to pass the Do Not Knock ordinance.

Because of Michael's leadership, Jersey City's No Knock ordinance now protects homeowners, like those in Greenville, Bergen, and Lafayette neighborhoods, who were being harassed to sell their homes. Because of Griffin's efforts, developers, entities, and individuals with the persistent and aggressive desire to buy up clusters of homes and properties throughout Jersey City are now prohibited from knocking on the doors of uninterested homeowners. 

Under the Late Mayor Glenn Cunningham and the Democratic Reform Party, Michael learned how to communicate, organize and lead initiatives pertaining to the improvements of his community. 

After serving one term as a committeeperson, Michael moved on to more community-driven missions. His first stop was the Monticello Avenue Community Development Corporation.  While there, he put his dedication to his community to the test, working closely with city, state, and federal agencies to advocate for residents and business owners and obtain resources for the local businesses and property owners of Jersey CIty’s Monticello Avenue. 

During the 2nd half of 2012, Michael was involved in the merger of the Martin Luther King Merchants Association and the Monticello Avenue Community Development Corporation, where the Jackson Hill Main Street Special Improvement District was formed.

In 2017, Michael ran for Ward F City Council and placed second in a six-way race. Fast forward to 2021, Michael chaired and managed Chris Gadsden’s council at-large campaign as well as current Ward F Councilman Frank Educational Gilmore’s successful bid for the Ward F City Council seat. 

Michael is still as active and engaged in the community to this day. His most recent success includes working with a non-profit development corporation that has been approved for a 55% affordable housing project that is currently in the process of being developed. 

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