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Union County Committee - Elizabeth Ward 3 District 6

Union County Committee - Elizabeth Ward 3 District 6

Union County Committee - Elizabeth Ward 3 District 6


Mario De Santis

Office Sought: State Senate

District: Legislative District 3

Mario De Santis - “The Good De Santis” - is a lifelong resident of South Jersey. A Rowan alumnus, his appreciation for the town’s cultural and historic character led him to permanently call Glassboro home.


A product of public education, he grew to understand the role public schools play in cultivating strong communities. Following his late grandparents’ footsteps, Mario proudly carried their legacy and became a middle and high school teacher. Working in several school districts, Mario witnessed first-hand the disparities that exist within our public school system. Seeking to improve education for all students, Mario is currently pursuing his doctoral degree with a research emphasis on educational inequities.


Acknowledging the challenges our public schools currently face, Mario continues to be a prominent advocate for both teachers and students. Realizing that education is the avenue for social and economic advancement, Mario envisions a system in which a child’s educational opportunities aren’t limited by the zip code into which they’re born. Considering the record number of teachers leaving the classroom, Mario is prepared to confront the crisis head-on and make sure education policy is guided by professionals - not legislators who have never stepped foot inside a classroom. 

In 2021, Mario was named a top LGBTQ activist in the state by NJ Insider. Considering Ed Durr’s attacks on the LGBTQ and other marginalized communities, Mario is even more committed to making sure that LD-3 is represented by a State Senator who welcomes all voices to the table.

Prepare to Vote!

Election Day: Tuesday, June 6th

Register to Vote by May 16

There are 3 Ways to Vote:

1.) Vote Early (Friday, June 2 - Sunday, June 4)

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2.) Vote by Mail

3.) Vote on Election Day (June 6) 

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